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Mission & Vision – Tidke Hospital

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The Mission of  Tidke Hospital is to provide compassionate, accessible, high quality, cost effective healthcare to the community; to promote health; to educate healthcare professionals; and to participate in appropriate clinical research & Also to provide each patient with the world-class care, exceptional service and compassion we would want for our loved ones.

In addition to above:

  1. We provide world class quality & safety in surgery for women, with less pain, less bleeding and one day stay.
  2. To fulfill the dream of each couple on the earth of having their own child.
  3. We have the team of highly qualified doctors, they have dedicated their lives to the all field.
  4. We Providing International quality of facilities, equipment and expertise.

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Tidke Hospital will be an innovative, leading regional health system dedicated to advancing the health and transforming the lives of the people we serve through excellent clinical quality; accessible, patient-centered, caring service; and unmatched physician and employee commitment.



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