Anti Obesity

About 2,000 patient from undergone this treatment and management for obesity. we are the pioneers to use sesamol as anti ageing and anti obesity durg. Routinele the traetment consists of six days primary treatment which consists of oily  medicine containing curcumin an alkaloid from cucuma longa,low molecular weight tannis and sesamol.It also contains essential fatty acid  linolic acid. The liquid medicine is given in specific doses and weight reduction starts within 48 hours after administarting the drug. In these six days very strict dietary regimes are advised.After completion of six days therapy normally patients reduce by 2-5kg of their weight. There after herbal formulations are administered along with specific diet and fat reduction of 2-4 kg/minth is achieved.

Mode of action of the treatment: This treatment is titally a diet controlled based treatment which is strictly based on Ayurved concepts  of diet.The first six days treatment imparts a very strong antioxident activity which is induced by curcumin and sesamol.

First Six days treatment:

For first six days the processed sesame oil is administered to the patients in fixed dosage irrespective of age, sex and cause of obesity . The patient s are asked to come on 3rd and 6th day for follow up . On the days of follow up weight , Blood pressure and A girth is measured. Out station patients can check their weight on their scale. It is important to keep a follow up on same scale only.After six days patients are subjected to various formulations in specified doses before meals with luke warm water until the patents achieve the target weight loss.A particular diet is advised to the patients before and after six days.After six days treatment patients is called every fifteen days and one month. In these follow up Fat % , Fat mass , H.W Ration , Blood pressure and weight was measured and recorded in the record chart of patient. Blood parameters are also recorded for the selected patients.

Treatments after six days:

This different comprises of different formulations as per the necessity of the patients. The formulations are totally herbal with vacuum distilled extracts. The formulations are totally standardized and are completely devoid of metals. These formulations exerts number of activity like sensitization of insulin receptors, regulation of leptin, regulation of cholecystokinin , stabilization of hunger and satiety center at the hypothalamus levels, regulation of LH in patients of PCOD and regulation of thyroid hormones . Apart from these activities immuno modulation, antioxidant activity is achieved. These medicines are also known to normalize and regulate Cholesterol and triglyceride levels with imparting unwanted effects.

This anti obesity treatments has helped to reduce maximum 59 kg weight in a time span of six months. On an average first 10 kg weight is reduced with in two and half month. To reduce twenty kg weight it may take 5-6 months and so on.This management has saved number of joint replacement in the patient of obesity induced arthritis and number cardiac interventions due to obesity. Apart from these results patients are known to develop self confidence and feeling of well being.

The most important aspect of this treatment is that patients are educated along with treatment about the dietary programs, compensation of diet and exercise. This helps to maintain their weight and fitness through out the life.


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